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The Breakout Project is about bringing together the resources necessary to solve the world’s biggest challenges. The Design Exchange (DX),Canada’s Design Museum, is bringing the best minds in the world to Toronto for 10 days as they launch EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology. Here, they will transform a 150,000-square-foot abandoned factory into an ultramodern world where design, innovation and technology are the solutions to today’s grand challenges.

The Breakout Project is pleased to announce participation with an interactive experience that will allow the 50,000+ EDIT attendees and anyone online around the world to discover, collaborate and share ideas for tackling our world’s most pressing problems.

Learn more about EDIT and our exhibit - and please come join us!

What People Are Saying...

"The Breakout Project is a one-of-a-kind social innovation gathering at a 19th Century venue with a 21st Century community. As a keynote speaker, I've attended more than 300 conferences around the world, but none as majestic, inspiring, and critical to our future as this one."

Amber Mac, AmberMac Media, Inc. & The Breakout Project Host


"Performing in Kingston’s Springer Market Square to celebrate the closing ceremonies of the inaugural Breakout Project was a real highlight for all of us in the band. To be able to take part in such a progressive movement which brought together so many minds and ideas from all around the world was a truly positive and fun experience for us all."


"I wish to thank the amazing Breakout Project team and Innovate Kingston for giving 1 Million Teachers the opportunity to participate in TBOP - an amazing experience which we will forever have fond memories of. Thanks to you and your team, we succeeded in galvanizing significant support for our cause across the world. As we pause and reflect on the journey so far, it is only fitting that we appreciate the special people who conceived and delivered on this laudable project for the benefit of humanity. You guys are a special breed, and we love you very much."

— Hakeem Subair, Team Lead of 1 Million Teachers


"We have 100,000 hours donated to our cause. We had the last 30,000 hours donated in the time of tweet! It was so nice to get all the messages from people back home. We have created relationships with 19 charities that have expressed interest in working with us. I loved working with my team and volunteers and meeting new people from around the world. I’ll be so happy to help build this movement (The Breakout Project) forward over the coming years. We got everything we wanted to get done here in 48 hours and now we are on to the next step."

— Rhea Claus, Team Lead of Change For A Dollar


"It was truly exhilarating to participate in The Breakout Project's inaugural year. As a host and presenter, I felt the team pulled off their very ambitious program with professionalism, style, and tremendous positive energy. I enjoyed learning about the positive social impact of the teams' plans, and I learned much from my fellow presenters' diverse experiences."

Nora Young, Broadcaster, Writer, Host of Spark on CBC Radio One & The Breakout Project Host


"What a week at The Breakout Project! I enjoyed experiencing the many similarities between Canada celebrating 150 years and my native Finland its 100 years. Both places are reputed to be cold but have great, sunny outdoors. Both have multiple national languages (ours are Finnish and Swedish, if you didn't know). Both have big neighbours (ours is to the East). Most importantly, both are happy countries sharing similar liberal, egalitarian values, that enable what I spoke about in my keynote: Open Source, for Open Good."

Kaj Arnös, Chief Evangelist at MariaDB Corporation & The Breakout Project Keynote Speaker