The Breakout Project is the online scaling platform for top-tier social innovation projects. World changing projects powered by YOU Millions of amazing people are working on thousands of ambitious projects tackling the greatest issues we face as a global society. They need your help. Find the projects that inspire you, offer your skills and resources, and together let’s make change happen.

The Resources You Need to Scale

In order to truly scale, organizations need talented people, en masse, to plan, create, action and promote. The Breakout Project is where people come to learn about projects and to apply their skilled time to make positive change happen. Only here can project leaders post countless opportunities allowing people from around the world can offer their time - either volunteer or paid. Imagine a worldwide workforce at your fingertips, ready and willing to roll up their sleeves - and you having the tools to coordinate workers, allowing your rapidly expanding team members to collaborate on the key tasks that will propel your project forward at world-changing speed.