The Breakout Project is Canada’s biggest social innovation festival designed to scale world-changing projects.

This event is designed to bring the resources together to transition social innovation projects from ideation to measured impact within just 365 days. In 2017, we saw thousands of hours contributed highlighting our will to make change happen.

An Innovation Conference on Steroids

We call The Breakout Project the world’s first “Innovation Kitchen”.

To conclude the event, we celebrated with over 5,000 others, to the music of the Sam Roberts Band in Springer Market Square where 25,000 people gathered to enjoy The Tragically Hip last August.

At The Breakout Project, you will learn, share, collaborate and celebrate as a key member of the “Innovation Kitchen” that will cook up large-scale solutions to the biggest problems we face.

Interesting Facts

Over the course of the 48 hours of The Breakout Project 2017 we saw:

  • 8 HD live streams
  • Traffic from 63 countries
  • Over 500 Hours of video recorded
  • More than 60,000 hours of video viewed
  • Over 325,00 hours raised for 7 amazing projects

The Online Collaboration Platform

A key component of this inaugural Breakout Project event is a new online collaboration tool we have built. You’ll be among the very first users of the system purposely designed to drive massive awareness to the event and the teams we are collectively scaling.

This new innovative platform enables the teams, thousands of onsite attendees, and the online world to engage in The Breakout Project in ways never before offered.

The online collaboration platform allows all users to:

  • The “Big Brother” of Innovation: watch live feeds of teams as they work
  • The “Go Fund Me” for scaling social good projects: Donate funds to projects
  • The “Talent Sourcer”: Offer time to projects
  • The “Connector”: Read and engage with speakers, teams, attendees wherever they are in the world
  • The Project “Newsroom”:
    • Receive team and event announcements
    • Download team project files
    • Follow team social feeds
    • Track progress on the event leaderboard

A Breakout Year

Projects will receive donated funds to continue their initiative throughout the next 365 days. Supporters can follow along with their favourite team’s progress, successes and impact. In 2018, we will gather again to celebrate achievements and kickstart a new crop of projects.

Join the Movement

If you believe that we all can do better together. If you intend to be part of the solution. If you have energy, skills, or connections. You need to be part of The Breakout Project.

The Breakout Project is for:

  • Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs
  • Social innovators
  • Industry experts
  • Designers
  • Programmers / Developers
  • Investors
  • YOU

Join the movement.

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