The World Needs Solutions

Ask anyone, anywhere and each will tell you about the burning need to solve real-world problems that are important to them. Some are personal, some are global, but all require more than time and hope to be addressed.

Inspired by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, The Breakout Project is a growing effort to build the capacity to solve the greatest challenges we face as a global society. We work to find the best ideas, to connect the right people around those ideas and to turn ideas into action by attracting and supporting teams who can build out solutions.

To solve big problems, we look to the those who have become most adept at building big things quickly — the innovators amongst us who have created the disruptive projects that change the way we all live. The most successful innovators build their organizations by collecting massive amounts of four key ingredients: connections, money, talent and awareness. The Breakout Project is about bringing these ingredients to bear as quickly as possible for teams of solution builders.

In May 2017, we launched our first annual live-streamed event. You’ll learn more about it below and throughout this website. In the fall, we exhibited at the EDIT: Expo for Design, Innovation and Technology, Innovation and Technology in Toronto which we will launched our interactive idea collaboration platform to help foster the relationships necessary to align masses of people are common goals.

And we are building toward a future that will see more Breakout Project events, more partnerships, more projects and more hope in 2018 and beyond.

Please join us. Follow, share, volunteer. We are guided by six core values:

  1. Think EPIC!
  2. Bring Joy
  3. We Are One
  4. Preach It
  5. Whatever It Takes
  6. Pay It Forward

Our is hope that anyone who shares these ideals will join our movement and help us get the biggest jobs done.

Grant Goodwin

CEO, The Breakout Project


The Breakout Project Experience

The inaugural The Breakout Project was a social innovation festival launched in Kingston, Ontario on May 10-12, 2017. The event, spanning 48+ hours, was designed to celebrate human ingenuity and help position Canada as a leader in solving some of the most pressing social issues we face in our community, society, and planet. The Breakout Project brought together more than 20 inspiring speakers, a new online collaboration platform, an online community of supporters, and world-class musicians to kickstart seven ambitious social innovation projects aimed at changing our world for the better.

Founded by Innovate Kingston, the goal was to create a world-class innovation event that would not only celebrate the history of our great province and country, but create an impactful lasting brand that would inspire and engage thousands, and soon millions, while raising Kingston’s profile as an emerging innovation hub.

Hours Raised for 7 Amazing Projects

Hours of Video Viewed

Hours of Video Recorded

Tuned In


Our speakers took part in The Breakout Project through TED Talk style presentations and Q&As. These leading innovators addressed how to scale businesses, how to inspire audiences, how to build teams, how to leverage technology, and how they see our future.

Panel Discussions

Our illustrious hosts moderated panel discussions stimulating robust dialogue among speakers. Topics included Canada’s leadership role in innovating solutions to the very big and very real problems we face as a society.


Seven fearless teams participated in the world-first event. Each team was comprised of a small group of “pioneer members” – the people with the vision and drive to make change happen.

Festival Experience

Downtown Kingston was painted “Breakout purple”:

  • Local bars, restaurants and pubs collectively participated showing a unified showcase of our unique nightlife.
  • Breakout Beer (provided by King’s Town Beer Company x MacKinnon Brothers Brewing Company) was served with a portion of sales going back to teams.
  • “Downtown Deconstructed” designed an executed by HIPSTORY Tours, a division of Improbable Escapes, allowed participants to discover our beautiful city by solving puzzles while on guided tours.
  • Sam Roberts Band performed for 4,5000 attendees at the closing ceremony in Springer Market Square.

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