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Here’s Where You Come In

Yes, YOU. A collective of fearless innovative minds. Thought leaders, planners, organizers, communicators, designers, engineers, makers and doers. Your team has both talent and vision. This is your opportunity to showcase your savvy and skills.

We are calling on teams – from large and small organizations across all sectors – to use your expertise to attract and mobilize masses of like-minded supporters to drive world-changing projects.

Is your company, organization or institution ready for the challenge of sending or sponsoring a team? Are you ready to help make change possible and have lasting impact?

Why Participate?

By being part of The Breakout Project, your company, organization or institution can achieve a number of goals in one fell swoop:

  • Build brand awareness and exposure.
  • Increase your network and attract talent to your organization.
  • Drive investment.
  • Showcase your talent, technology, product or service.

No matter your reasons, The Breakout Project promises to be an incredible team-building experience.

What is a “World-Changing Project”?

A project that aims to make change possible in our community, society and planet. This is your team’s best shot at tackling issues that we face today.

We are looking for projects that disrupt the status quo and create social impact.

While your project concept will be up to you, here are some examples around what a project could look like. Consider the following:

Example 1: An Online Education Company

Idea: What if we build a learning portal accessible to low-income farmers to access crop and seed information in an easy-to-digest, global way regardless of education and knowledge level?

Insight: By helping farmers grow food smarter no matter where they are, we would be increasing world food security.

Driving Results: In order to make this work, we need business experts to contribute content, translators, e-Learning specialists, gamification experts, marketers, and $300,000.

Example 2: A Pump Manufacturer

Idea: How can solar and water purification technology be combined to produce affordable pumps in locations where reliable electricity is hard to come by?

Insight: By providing affordable access to portable, reliable clean water we increase the health and well being of millions around the world.

Driving Results: In order to make this happen we need partnerships with companies with advance solar and water purification technologies, distribution channels, manufacturing solutions, marketing materials in multiple languages, local not-for-profit partners, and $500,000.

These two projects may require massive resources, broad attention, key influencers, strategic partners, and even a bit of luck. These are the types of projects that will inspire audiences and provide real positive change to our planet. They need a spark that will ignite the chain reaction necessary to take projects from concept to reality.

How Does It Work?

You will bring your talent, technology and resources, but you will need help. The Breakout Project is designed to give you the help you need en masse.

At the event, you will be given the tools you need:

  • Your own workspace – a room adjacent to the main presentation square where the main stage and primary crowd assembly will be hosted.
  • Your own workspace equipment.
  • Your own online HQ via The Breakout Project Collaboration Platform – a live feed camera to the world.

From here, you will kickstart your project.

The World is Yours

We are bringing the world to YOU. We are rallying supporters and all you have to do is capture their attention. You will have access to thousands of people eager to help right in front of you and millions more online.

You will have three primary vehicles for attracting and coordinating these resources:

  • The Breakout Project Collaboration Platform
  • The Main Stage
  • Audience Challenges

The Breakout Project Platform
You will have an online “HQ” for your project. This platform will host your live feed and allow you to:

  • Share files
  • Post updates
  • Vet the skills of online and offline supporters who are donating their efforts towards your project
  • Track your donations

The Main Stage
Throughout the event, the main stage will host interviews and panel discussions moderated by renowned speakers, experts and investors. Broadcast live online, this stage is forum to present your project and any related updates.

A live leaderboard next to the main stage and online will track the dollars and hours raised by your team for your project.

Audience Challenges
Throughout the event we will present challenges to the teams and the audience. These challenges are designed to boost awareness and earn additional funding through participation. These fun challenges may include (but not limited to); crowd activations, social media campaigns, pitch competitions, and local guerrilla marketing campaigns.

Register Your Team

If you want to be part of The Breakout Project’s second year, then you need to apply today. You will fill out the form which will be sent to our team, and the executive team will review and follow up with candidates that are working on projects that fit the event and will shape the future.


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