The Breakout Project Experience

The inaugural The Breakout Project was a social innovation festival launched in Kingston, Ontario on May 10-12, 2017. The event, spanning 48+ hours, was designed to celebrate human ingenuity and help position Canada as a leader in solving some of the most pressing social issues we face in our community, society, and planet. The Breakout Project brought together more than 20 inspiring speakers, a new online collaboration platform, an online community of supporters, and world-class musicians to kickstart seven ambitious social innovation projects aimed at changing our world for the better.

That event succeeded beyond our wildest expectations and we’re so proud that two of the seven teams have developed into growing enterprises with serious and impactful success to boast about. We learned that running events of that scale is all-consuming and unsustainable but our first event’s success convinced of us of the value of the online collaboration platform.

The updated platform enables the leaders of new social innovation projects to outline their vision, goals and action steps and to garner the support they need to launch and update the world on their progress.

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1 Million Teachers offers reward-based training that transforms teachers into lifelong learners. Their goal for the next 3 years is to help attract, train and retain one million teachers as well as develop the capacity to significantly train several million more.

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Focus Forward’s mission is to collaborate with Indigenous communities across Canada, empowering youth through locally developed trades-based education to strengthen Individuals’ and communities’ futures.

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What People are Saying

“I wish to thank the amazing Breakout Project team and Innovate Kingston for giving 1 Million Teachers the opportunity to participate in TBOP – an amazing experience which we will forever have fond memories of. Thanks to you and your team, we succeeded in galvanizing significant support for our cause across the world. As we pause and reflect on the journey so far, it is only fitting that we appreciate the special people who conceived and delivered on this laudable project for the benefit of humanity. You guys are a special breed, and we love you very much.”

— Hakeem Subair, Team Lead of 1 Million Teachers