The Resources You Need to Scale Your Social Innovation Project

Launching in 2019, The Breakout Project platform is designed as a “newsroom” that social impact companies use to gather the key ingredients required to scale: Talent, Awareness and Connections. Here organizations can build profiles, make announcements, and post documents. They can attract followers and fans, and find the best people who want to help make change happen.


In order to truly scale, organizations need talented people, en masse, to plan, create, action and promote. The Breakout Project is where people come to learn about projects and to apply their skilled time to make positive change happen. Only here can project leaders post countless opportunities, allowing people from around the world to offer their time - either volunteer or paid.

Imagine a worldwide workforce at your fingertips, ready and willing to roll up their sleeves - and you having the tools to coordinate workers, allowing your rapidly expanding team members to collaborate on the key tasks that will propel your project forward at world-changing speed.


Be sure to keep the updates coming. Your audience wants to know what’s going on behind the curtain in a more transparent way. Let them know what new opportunities you are working on, what projects are coming down the pipe, what progress you are making, who you are meeting with and - most importantly - what positive impact you are making.

Your progress, and your willingness to let the world engage with you as you scale, will attract even more talented people to follow, share and contribute to your project.

At The Breakout Project, we know we are all in this together and, the more we know, the more we can do to help great teams do great things.


The Breakout Project is powered by a community of change makers. We’re here to help you achieve your mission.

We are constantly promoting our platforms and the amazing projects that are ready to scale. With promoted social media postings, email updates to our partners around the world and our users, and press releases to news outlets in all relevant markets, we work hard to get the word out.

You’ll work hard to promote your project too, as do the many other teams on our site. The work of each of us to draw attention to our collective efforts brings more and more energy to our ecosystem.

Think you and your team have what it takes to make change happen? Then let’s do this!