Myke Predko built his first robot at the age of eight and quickly learned that the process of crafting something new helps raise confidence. Now, as an adult, the founder of Mimetics Canada is using robotics to engage young Canadian students and to prepare them for the careers of the future.

“Today, 40% of all jobs require high school academic level Math and Science, yet only 18% of students are enrolling in these courses,” explains Myke. Those numbers become even more staggering when broken down by gender, with only 8% of girls enrolling in Math and Science courses. In 10 years, Canada will have 1.5 million unfilled jobs requiring a STEM background and Myke sees the importance in ensuring today’s students are well prepared for the future. Myke’s project: to give 300,000 students, primarily young girls, across Canada the opportunity to apply what they have learned in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) using robotics within one year.

E = STEM365 is an educational project that gives middle school students the opportunity to work on robotics systems. They will be given tasks that allow them to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned to solve problems with the latest technology. Myke hopes to provide programs for 300,000 students in one year by selecting and training 120 to 150 class leaders throughout Canada. Moreover, he especially hopes to reach female students and those who may be underachieving in the STEM streams and to help them realize they have the capabilities to accomplish a great deal, in turn helping them gain confidence.

The Breakout Project
Over 48 hours, teams will compete in Canada’s biggest social innovation event. Participants will work around the clock to kickstart year-long social good projects designed to improve our community, society and planet. Thousands of attendees will rally behind teams while millions more will show their support online through social media and live stream video. Each social enterprise team competes to raise both human and financial capital required to take their project from idea to reality – in just one year.

Attendees, visionary speakers, mentors and citizens online will watch, participate, learn and connect unlike ever before and all in celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary. This experience will be broadcast and streamed online so more than just spectators can participate and share their knowledge, donating time and capital, and creating connections to support the teams they believe in.

E = STEM365 Project Mission
“Students are given an amazing amount of knowledge and skills, unfortunately it seems like a random mess with no unifying approach to showing how everything works together,” says Myke. “Students feel they are performing poorly in STEM courses, but they actually have a large amount of capabilities that they need to be shown how to gain confidence in.”

“The Breakout Project sparks game-changing ideas and opens new possibilities for innovation by engaging diverse people from our community, online, and beyond. It’s a platform for ideas, created for innovators, thinkers, doers and interested citizens of social good. We believe Myke’s mission relates directly to our core values,” says Grant Goodwin, CEO, Innovate Kingston.

The Breakout Project is an event designed to provide Myke with the essential resources his team will need to develop his project quickly. Talent across disciplines – subject matter experts, graphic designers, and business developers – will be required to provide expertise and time. He will also need funding, connections and awareness, and will use The Breakout Project as the vehicle to make all this happen at a pace not available in any form to date. To make his project a reality, an expected $25 million will need to be raised to build and acquire sufficient robots and tools for the program.

“The Breakout Project gives me a chance to help today’s students make Canada become a technology powerhouse in the future,” says Myke. “Canada’s students have amazing potential, and through The Breakout Project we are helping them to achieve goals that will ensure innovation and national prosperity in the future.”

About The Breakout Project
Combining a business conference with a hackathon, The Breakout Project is a new, immersive innovation experience that allows global visionaries – including Patagonia’s, Jeff Johnson; Co-founder Real Ventures, JS Cournoyer, Tara McCallan; Happy Soul Project, Kaj Arnö, Global tech expert – mentors and attendees to participate, learn and connect unlike ever before. Over 48 hours, teams will compete in Canada’s biggest social innovation event. Participants will work around the clock to kickstart year-long social good projects designed to improve our community, society and planet. For more details visit:

About Innovate Kingston
The Breakout Project is the brainchild of Innovate Kingston. A non-profit organization, Innovate Kingston was created by eight entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the high-tech sector, established specifically to encourage the creation of rapid-growth businesses in the Kingston region.

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