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Day 2/ Thursday, May 11 at 1:40 PM
How Did You Build Your Dream Team?

“I’m excited to jump in and help out or to offer any guidance or connections to the teams representing causes I connect with. Hopefully this will just be a starting point for these projects, and we can witness their growth and social impact long after the event concludes.” – Kerri-Lynn McAllister, Chief Marketing Officer,

Kerri-Lynn McAllister is a digital marketing expert, educator, mentor, and a founding team member of, a website that compares Canadian mortgage rates, credit card deals, deposit rates and insurance. Kerri-Lynn has contributed to publications such as and TechVibes, and has appeared as a financial and marketing expert in The Globe and Mail, Maclean’s, and the Toronto Star.

Kerri-Lynn is a graduate of Queen’s School of Business. She is a passionate marketer and thought leader in the marketing, small business, and technology industries. Her expertise in online strategy, community-building, content marketing and search engine marketing has grown RateHub into one of the country’s leading online financial comparison websites.

She co-chairs the Canadian Personal Finance Conference (CPFC), an annual event that welcomes 150 top financial influencers, brands, startups, and journalists across North America for a two-day event in Toronto. CPFC celebrates financial literacy, banking and FinTech trends, and features established and up-and-coming voices and companies in the financial space.

She has taught a digital marketing course at HackerYou, Canada’s first programming bootcamp, and in her spare time is a member of the Women in Leadership Mentorship Program and is a Big Sister.

Kerri-Lynn lives in Toronto with her fiancĂ© Koen, and is the proud mom to RateHub’s canine employee, Kingston.

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