Meet the Teams

Seven fearless teams participated in the inaugural event. Each team was comprised of a small group of “pioneer” members – the core group with the vision and drive to make change happen. Below is a list of the teams and their initiatives.

1 Million Teachers

Sub-Sarahan Africa is facing a critical shortage of competent and passionate teachers. By 2030, this shortage will be 69 million globally. Without teachers, children stand very little change of realizing their potential. Poor education leads to poverty which leads to poor health outcomes.

1 Million Teachers will change children’s lives by delivering quality teacher training and providing incentives to keep teachers engaged. Come and join us and change the future for children, and society, around the world.

Change for a Dollar

Change for a Dollar is a mobile and web platform that takes every purchase you make, rounds it up to the nearest dollar, and donates that ‘change’ to a charity of your choice.

5 years ago the Royal Canadian Mint discontinued the penny. In that time we’ve seen the rise of cashless payments, NFC enabled cards, online shopping, and mobile payments like Apple Pay. Gen Y & Z are at the forefront of all of this and have embraced these new technologies.

Charities are trying – and failing – to reach this new generation of donors. As a result, they are losing out on billions in future donations. We know giving is important to Canadians and we’re setting out to make it easier to support the causes that matter most to you!


We want to bring a love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to 365,000 youth throughout Canada over the next year. Help us achieve our goal!

Future World Leaders

The Future World Leaders is a leadership program designed for youth currently under government care. Youth in care are often portrayed in a negative light and placed in circumstances that restrict access to opportunities. This program aims to solve this issue, by providing them with a chance to connect to their communities and communities across the world while making a difference in global issues.

Focus Forward

Focus Forward’s mission is to collaborate with Indigenous communities across Canada to improve the overall quality of life by empowering their youth through applied focus programs that give back to the community. Program specifics are strategically selected by the community, ensuring each community can find their own unique solution.

Focus Forward will help source teachers, contractors, and resources, bringing everyone together to build the shared project for the local community. In developing the project, students will gain hands-on work experience, obtain high school credits, earn apprenticeship hours, and even receive a compensation package for their work. Throughout the process, students will cultivate leadership skills, work ethic, and a sense of confidence that will help them focus forward—toward a positive and engaged future.

For more information please see our website:

MAPP Canada

MAPP Canada is a social empowerment tool with a mission to promote, celebrate the positive achievements and contributions of Indigenous peoples to Canada, and shift the national narratives of Indigenous peoples.


Together with the support of Boys & Girls Clubs across North America, local police forces, and new partners, we hope to find with The Breakout Project, we will source the ideas, funding and momentum required to build a toolbox of effective community programs.

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