The 1 Million Teachers Project

Train 1 million teachers in impoverished nations within 365 days.

Develop a subscription-based online learning platform for teachers.

Today, education remains an inaccessible right for millions of children around the world. More than 72 million children are not in schools while 38% of children in schools are not learning the basics of reading and math.

Every education system is only as good as the teachers who provide the hands-on schooling. Studies have confirmed their critical role in improving education-quality and learning-outcomes for children. Moreover, in the new world economy, education is humanity’s best hope for a sustainable society that further fosters caring and responsible citizens.

Over 48 hours, The Breakout Project will provide 1 Million Teachers with the essential resources it needs to move forward. “We need funding, awareness, and talent across technical, business development, content creation and education system development to achieve this mission,” says Team Leader, Hakeem Subair.

Team Leader / Queen’s Masters Student

Hakeem Subair’s career spans investment, retail and commercial banking, microfinance and strategic business development. Originating from Nigeria, Subair and his wife realised a lack of good quality education in their country while searching for a school for their daughter.

Without the right tools for teachers, students would never stand a chance at achieving high-level performance. It is through this realization, that Hakeem aims to make quality education accessible to teachers in Nigeria and beyond. Subair arrived in Canada in 2012 and is currently working on his Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at Queen’s University while simultaneously finishing a certification at the Centre for Social Impact.

Hakeem Subair – Team Leader
Nathan Mah
Afreen Khan
Rizma Butt
Eric Farquharson
Fardan Khan
Femi Adeniran
Saarim Asady
Adrianna Ho
Tope Olajide

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