Change For A Dollar

Replace the missing billions in charitable donations resulting from our cashless society.

Change For A Dollar takes the idea of charitable giving and is innovating it, using technology to improve the ease and experience of charitable giving. Technology has caused the problem that Change For A Dollar has set out to solve – 57% of consumer payment transactions in Canada are cashless and globally, Canada has the highest presence of macro-economic pre-requisites for going cashless. Consequently, these changes in payment are altering the landscape of charitable donations. The World giving index ranks Canada as the sixth most generous nations yet charities are losing out on billions by only accepting cash donations. The Change For A Dollar Project aims to use technology as the solution to the problem it has arguably created.

“The Breakout Project came to us at the perfect time,” says Rhea Claus, Team Leader, “we were already amping up to get this project going and it will help us gain access to the resources, experts, industry leaders, and support we need.”

Rhea sees participating in the Breakout Project as success in itself, “Success for myself and the team is the experience of going to the Breakout Project event. As 5 women in tech accepting this challenge, validating our idea, and getting support for it across the country is considered success.”

Team Leader / Project Manager at Usful

Rhea Claus knows that planetary change is inevitable. That is why she has dedicated her time and passion to Usful, an initiative-based company prepares communities for this reality through technology, design, and education.

Rhea identified a problem where charities only accept cash donations but people rarely have change. This is a problem created by technology, therefore it can also be fixed using technology. For Rhea and her five Change for a Dollar team members, participating in The Breakout Project already feels like a success in itself.

Rhea Claus – Team Leader
Alexandra Panagoulia – Community Relations
Mecha Clarke – Creative Director
Casey Pereira – Spatial Designer
Jessica Graziani – HR Generalist

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