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Open the door to STEM education for 300,000 girls in 365 days

40% of all modern jobs require high school academic level Math and Science. At present, only 8% of girls (26% of boys) are enrolling in advance Grade 9 programs.

The Jade Robot is a low-cost, pre-assembled teaching tool that provides youth with an easy, quick, fun and challenging way to learn many of the key principles of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).

Surveys from students working with the Jade Robot, show the following successes:

  • 25%+ increase in interest in STEM as a career
  • 30%+ increase in interest in post-secondary education

Over the past 3 years, it has been found that girls who have attended in the grade 8 “Systems” science strand with the Jade Robot have enrolled in academic math and science at an astonishing rate of 92%.

“We need to build economies of scale to reduce the price of the Jade Robots,” says Team Leader, Myke Predko. “Further, we need to educate 150 teachers to provide the classroom training, and source an operational team to support our rapid growth.”

Team Leader / Designer of the Jade Robot, Chief Roboticist & CTO of Mimetics Canada Digital Education

Myke Predko is an award winning Engineering Manager with 25+ years of experience in designing and developing hardware and software products as well as an established electronics educational author. Myke built his first robot at the age of 13 years old and has been teaching about robots and technology since 2001.

The Jade Robot is a fully-developed educational robot designed to engage and excite the next generation of scientists and engineers. For the past six months, Jade Robot has been teaching young students about robotics and programming while changing their attitudes towards Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Jeff Good is all about making the world a better place. He does so in his day job by helping charities and nonprofits with their real estate (office) space needs, which is simply one of those curious career twists that followed having been the President and CEO at Junior Achievement, and a fundraiser at the YMCA of Greater Toronto. He has also been a consultant to charities, and prior to that spent nearly 20 years in sales, marketing, M&A and HR roles with Procter & Gamble and General Mills. He’s the proud father of two young adults, the step dad of two tweens, an avid volunteer, and always keen to find another hobby to add to his list.

Jonathan is an experienced developer and architect of software systems with expertise spanning an extensive variety of computer science and software engineering disciplines. He has been the lead software developer for various products and prototypes in the consumer electronics, automotive and entertainment industries. Jonathan is the co-founder of Arcane Four Studios, a software and game development studio operating in Ottawa, ON.

Born, raised, and schooled in Kingston, Robert knows just about everyone in the city (seriously). He has worked for politicians at all levels of government and is an award winning designer. Robert lends an artist’s eye and scholar’s insight to all his projects. He loves speech writing, social media, politics, and beautiful things: all good for your business.

Myke Predko – Team Leader
Jeff Good
Jonathan Hacker
Robert Kiley

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