Focus Forward for Indigenous Youth

Provide indigenous youth across 50 different communities with opportunities to develop professional and personal skills as they build small homes and greenhouses in their communities.

Focus Forward will build an educational program for indigenous youth in communities across Canada. Working with contractors, educators, logistics specialists, and community supporters, this program will teach youth hands-on building skills, build confidence, develop life skills, and create much needed new housing and greenhouse structures in indigenous communities.

The program will allow youth to gain work experience as they earn high school credits and apprenticeship hours.

We hope to start as many as 50 projects for indigenous youth across 50 different communities in our first year. And we’re going to need a lot of help to get there from a standing start!

The Breakout Project will help us gain the initial momentum we need to make this program possible. We see this event as a means to generate awareness and understanding of the underlying social issues driving our mission. We will need to attract the the funding, expert staff and volunteers, community contacts, material resources, and the ideas and guidance needed to execute this game-changing project.

Team Leader

Evan Veryard recently graduated from McGill University, and is now pursuing a Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at the Royal Military College of Canada. This past summer he turned his passion into a profession and started on his own woodworking business through Ontario’s Summer Company Program. Since then, he has been running a woodworking program at the Kingston Aboriginal School where he enjoys the opportunity pass on his love of woodworking. Working with this program motivated him to try to do more and create something with even more impact – and the Breakout Project is as big as it gets.

Evan Veryard – Team Leader
Elias George

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