MAPP Canada

Our goal is to share 10,000+ inspirational Indigenous stories from across Canada and generate 2 million+ MAPP Canada supporters in 365 days.

MAPP Canada will connect 1.4 million+ Indigenous people across Canada with the rest of Canada and the globe using a creative multifunctional and socially transformative online platform. Our goal is to engage Canada’s First Nations communities, Inuit communities, Metis settlements and an increasing urban Indigenous population. Our objective is to generate an online knowledge bank, sharing 10,000+ Indigenous inspired stories in 365 days. MAPP Canada is a social empowerment tool with a mission to promote and celebrate the positive achievements and contributions of Indigenous peoples and their communities. Its purpose is to effectively shift the Canadian social mindset by transforming the national narratives of Indigenous peoples through storytelling using MAPP Canada.

Through the Breakout Project, MAPP Canada can rally the support of all Canadians who want to contribute to the empowerment of Indigenous identity and inclusion across Canada. We want the Breakout Project to help make MAPP Canada a national phenomenon – bridging the gap between Indigenous peoples and Canadians for a better Canada.

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