Youth Who Care by Future World Leaders

Bring 10,000 youth in care through an expansive leadership program, creating future leaders and changing the societal views of an at risk population.

The Youth Who Care project is a leadership program designed for youth currently under government care. Youth in care are often portrayed in a negative light and placed in circumstances that restrict access to opportunities. This program aims to solve this issue, by providing them with a chance to connect to their communities and communities across the world while making a difference in global issues.

The program will include a yearly curriculum teaching essential life and leadership skills, while promoting philanthropy.

The youth will have opportunities to:

  • Make connections to their community by engaging in meaningful conversations about global issues and the importance of generosity
  • Travel and experience a new country, culture, lifestyle, and food that will open their minds to the world abroad
  • Become resourceful independent individuals that are not going to just survive but thrive and become our world’s Future leaders; by inspiring them to follow their dreams and want to help make a difference in their lives and the world

We hope that the The Breakout Project will bring ideas, the teachers, the program implementers, the world-wide connections, the funding, and the fan base needed to scale our project nation-wide and beyond within our first year.

Team Leader

I started working for Batshaw Youth and Family Centres as a recall educator in 2006. Over the last ten years, I have had various opportunities working as an educator in the different group homes and residential units, as a unit support worker offering aid to both staffs and youths during times of difficulty, and as an after-hours assistant manager. I went back to school five years ago to get my BA in Human Relations and Masters in Social Work, and since my graduation this past fall I have been fortunate to add the title of social worker to my list of experiences at Batshaw.

Helping others through humanitarian projects abroad has been a life goal of mine for years. I have thought many times about going on volunteer trips, though was not able to afford it while furthering my education. Now, through this program I will not only get to fulfill my dreams but also get to share these experiences with our youth in care. I truly believe this program has the potential to leave lasting impressions on the youths involved, and inspire a new generation of positive leaders.

Carly Coxford – Team Leader
Sussy Pamela Motta – Spokesperson
France Bouchard – Marketer
Chris Martin-Chang – Talent Manager

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