By Hakeem Subair
CEO, 1 Million Teachers

Aligned with the UNDP Sustainable Development Goal #4: Quality Education, 1 Million Teachers is a reward-based teacher development program that improves the quality of instruction while keeping teachers engaged, motivated and excited about learning and teaching.

Our program is designed to transform teachers into lifelong learners, help them inspire others and set them on the path to a rewarding future. At 1 Million Teachers, we have three main objectives:

  1. Attract new teachers.
  2. Provide training to existing teachers who are underqualified.
  3. Motivate to improve performance.

Attract New Teachers

Without qualified and motivated teachers, children stand very little chance of realizing their full potential. According to figures from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, there is a global shortage of teachers particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and Southern Asia. Its is estimated that nearly 69 million new teachers must be recruited and trained in order to achieve global universal primary and secondary education by 2030.

While 1 Million Teachers’ offering has global relevance, our current solution is designed with developing countries in mind. We continue to develop our rollout plan by working closely with local partners including The Breakout Project, Queen’s Smith School of Business and University of Ottawa.

We have successfully launched our pilot training program in August 2017 and continue to build interest and momentum. The platform, full of content, is now active in five countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Gambia, and Liberia. We have eight countries scheduled to launch to launch in October 2017 with the goal to have most of Africa covered within one year.

Our approach includes:

  1. Create buzz through brand building activities both online and offline to encourage schools to enroll in pilot and anchor school programs.
  2. Build up momentum through content marketing via social media to generate leads.
  3. Ambassador program to recruit influencers, advocates and early adopters.
  4. Build on publicity generated and testimonials from pilot towards mass adoption.

Training for Existing Teachers

We work with existing teachers to help improve the quality of instruction. The program consists of the following components:

  • Blended Learning that consists of both online and classroom-based training.
  • Levels of Certification that takes trainees through the program starting with White Belt (level 1) through to Black Belt.
  • Intensified Learning Program begins at Black Belt with invitations to participate in the classroom-based part of the training. This level is a continuing education proposition that culminates in that trainees now become resources for the program themselves.

Motivate to Improve Performance

Pathway to Excellence

Teachers must progress through online series to eventually reach the Black Belt level. As a Black Belt, a teacher qualifies for an educational boot camp designed and delivered by professors from Faculties of Education at Queen’s University and University of Ottawa. The opportunities for professional growth continue for teachers who remain active members of the 1 Million Teachers community.

Find out how you can get involved with 1 Million Teachers by visiting our website.