Bryan Paterson

Creating Global Impact Within Communities

TBOP2017 ⋅ 1:52 ⋅ Filmed May 11, 2017

Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson has made an undeniable impact on the City of Kingston, which is rapidly becoming a leader for technology innovation in North America. But in this clip, he explains how thinking regionally, or even nationally, isn’t enough. Today’s entrepreneurs, politicians, and business leaders need to be thinking global. All of the practices that he outlines in his keynote can — and should — be deployed on a global scale. When we come together to innovate and collaborate, we can solve the world’s most serious challenges.


Now, remember I said earlier that one of things you need to do to make a global impact, is that you need as a city to find where's your strength, where are your assets and then you need to leverage those to the max.

[00:12] So Kingston is a public sector town that has a number of public sector institutions. So we've made a decision, we're going to embrace the power of public sector innovation which is really key sector. Any city will tell you that public sector innovation is critical, there's a huge market for that. So as a city we're going to take our assets and we're going to become leaders in public sector innovation. By cranking out these ideas year in and year out, we know that we're going to develop best practices that other cities and other communities across the province, the country and around the world are going to be looking to be able to adopt those practices in their communities.

Local Collaboration Makes Global Impact

[00:50] So when I talk about innovation, I think the theme that comes out is, that whether you're a large city or whether you're a smaller city, local collaboration can make a global impact. That is the lesson that we are learning here in the City of Kingston, Ontario, Canada. And perhaps this is the most important innovation that we're making, is being able to bring all of our agencies, our institutions, our organizations, our businesses and the city itself together to work in one strategic vision. All these partners so that we can move our community forward, together. Ladies and gentlemen, it has been an absolute pleasure to talk with you here this morning. Thank you so much and best of luck to all the teams. Have a great couple of days. Thank you so much!

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