Kaj Arnö

Dependence on Individual Vendors

TBOP2017 ⋅ 1:24 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

There’s a reason some people like to root for the underdog. In today’s hyper competitive market, Kaj Arnö explains why underdogs are an important part of technological innovation — and why we all suffer when the Goliaths take down the Davids.

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What also falls on this is a dependence on individual vendors for price, for quality, for innovation.

[00:12] I think innovation happens when there is an underdog that is powerful. An underdog that is creative and knows how things should be done.

[00:24] We’ve seen that with a number of companies. There was a point where my country Finland was quite innovative in telephony and IT with Nokia. We've seen Apple go through such a phase.

[00:41] Once there is an established power relation, the innovation doesn't continue at the same pace. So we see here, during different decades in the past, there have been individual vendors that there have been dependence on and the balance of price, quality and innovation has suffered when the incumbents get too big.

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