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Design Exchange Launches EDIT Design Expo

TBOP2017 ⋅ 4:18 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

What’s new and exciting in the world of design? What design trends are emerging — and what moves are the big players making? How are design innovations changing the world we live in? Shauna Levy announces the lineup for one of the world’s most exclusive and innovative design conferences: the Expo for Design, Innovate and Technology (EDIT), a 10-day immersive experience chock full of exhibits, features, speakers, programs and design solutions around the theme “Prosperity for All”, working towards the United Nations’ Global Goals. Taking place September 28 to October 8, 2017, EDIT promises to be an intense and inspiring experience for the inventors, creators, innovators, and designers passionate about working together to make the world a better place.

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So what are we all about? What is the Design Exchange about? What do we think the future of design is all about?

[00:05] For us, it's important to demonstrate the power of design, innovate and technology to change the world for the better for everyone. We believe that design can be a catalyst [for] positive change. We believe that design deserves a seat at the table. Should have a seat at the table when discussing these very important challenges and issues that we're facing as a planet.

[00:25] So what are we doing with that? We're launching a design expo. It's call EDIT which is the acronym for Expo for Design, Innovate and Technology. It also refers the the fact that it's an edited, curated experience. We're running it this Fall, September 28 to October 8. And we decided to do it at a very important time, it's Canada's 150th anniversary as well as Ontario's 150th anniversary and we want to speak about the future.The next 150 years. What will the future of Canada, the future of our province look like in 150 years? And we think innovation, design and technology is a big part of that. So we'll be looking at how the intersection of those 3 things work together to make the world a better place for all people.

[01:05] And so, when I saw that video that I showed you earlier with the global goals, it inspired me enough to contact the UN and I went to meet with them in New York. I remember standing in front of the UN thinking, what am I doing here? And had a great meeting with the person there and told them all about our project and what we're hoping to achieve and asked the UN to partner with us on EDIT and they said. 'yes'. So EDIT is in partnership with the United Nations Development Program and it's inspired and informed by the 17 global goals for sustainable development. We chosen the theme of 'Prosperity for All'.

[01:39] We'll be creating an immersive experience. It's 10 days. We'll be doing an interactive experience that has all kinds of exhibits, features, speakers, programs that all highlight the global goals and all highlight the projects, some of the projects that I've shown you recently.

[01:54] We're doing a whole series of exhibits. Bruce Mau, is a big global thinker who works with the major corporations and governments around the world to institute and implement designed thinking. He'll be curating the main exhibit on 'Prosperity for All'. He'll be working with Paolo Pellegrin who's a magnum photographer.

[02:10] 'Shelter + Cities' will be curated by Carlo Ratti who is from the Sensible City Lab at MIT, looking at how we're integrating nature back into our cities, combined with technology.

[02:21] 'Care' is being curated by Julielynn Wong who is a Toronto-base Engineer, Doctor, Technologist. Julielynn's latest project is called '3D for MD' where people have the ability to 3D print prosthetics anywhere in the world. Most recently, she's 3D printed prosthetics on the space station. She also is the one that shared the Zipline project with us.

[02:43] 'Educate' is being curate by Kentaro Toyama, the author of Geek Heresy, a book that dispels the idea or explains the idea that when we design for people in the developed world, those people have to be part of the conversation and they have to be part of the solution.

[02:58] 'Nourish' is being curated by the Jamie Oliver Foundation. We all know Jamie Oliver, of course, is a big celebrity chef but Jamie also has an advocacy line apart [from] his business and what he does that looks at food sovereignty and looks at obesity, sugar tax and all that kind of stuff. Jamie is quite excited about this project.

[03:15] We're working with all kinds of consulates, education institutions, universities, colleges and a whole bunch of programming partners like NXT City, like Actua, like The Breakout Project and so forth to create this very interactive immersive experience.

[03:32] I see lots of students here, we have a youth day on October the 4th where admission is free to all schools. Lots of programming for people of all ages.

[03:42] Exhibits, performances, talks, all kinds of interactive experiences and really, ultimately the idea is that we want the visitors coming to EDIT to leave inspired about the whole of design, to understand that, they too, can be part of the solution, to understand that design is a catalyst for positive change and for making the world a better place.

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