Tara McCallan

Find Your Full Circle Moments

TBOP2017 ⋅ 5:26 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

In this moving segment, Tara McCallan advises the audience to watch out for “Full Circle” moments in their lives by using her own life as an example. She describes watching her past and her present collide in a staggering deja vu moment that reinforced that she had found her calling. Be on the lookout for “Full Circle” moments — and know that nothing you have ever learned, experienced, or done was a waste; it may just lead you to where you’re meant to be and open doors to opportunities you never thought possible. For Tara, one of these full circle moments led to a “Eureka” moment, enabling her to right a wrong for other parents of children with Down Syndrome.


The other piece of them for me, in discovering who am I and where I'm meant to be right now, [are] these really big full circle moments that I've been having.

[00:13] I talked about it briefly just about, you know, sometimes in life when you get down or not realizing what you're supposed to be doing or getting discouraged and how the universe kind of plays it's part in letting you know you're in the right direction. For me, I've been having these really really really big full circle moments where all of a sudden I feel like I'm in this really sweet spot of purpose.

[00:38] My little boy, the other day, he kept calling my name and I was making breakfast and I was kind of ignoring him and finally, I looked over and he was carrying my little girl this (referring to image on screen behind her) and I looked over and it was like lightening struck me and I could barely breathe. It so déjà vu-ed into this moment and it so flashed forwarded this full circle purpose in my life.

[01:04] That co-op I told you about where I worked at the children's rehabilitation centre. After I was done, I met a family there, and they asked if I would with their little girl. She was a teenager, her name is Emily. I worked with her for a whole summer and she just happened to have Down Syndrome. I used to take her to dinner or to the movies and I would constantly take her to my family's house to play board games or do something. She had the hugest crush on my little brother and he was maybe 14 at the time. Every time she came running into the door she'd run over to him and jump in his arms like that. I just flash forward to my brother carrying Emily in that position and I don't know, all of a sudden it all kind of made sense for me.

[01:53] My mom tells if I had chosen the ballerina route instead of the writer route, I maybe might still be standing here because the ballerina route, I guess I took just a seriously. Apparently, I learned to walk on the tips of my toes to the point where doctors has to send me to that exact same children's rehabilitation centre where I had to learn to walk flat-footed.

[02:21] In 2 weeks, I'll be going back to that exact same children's rehabilitation centre and I'll be opening a wing, a whole entrance, that will be a Happy Soul Project entrance. This mural (referring to image on screen behind her) that my Dad and I made will be hanging on the walls and I can't tell you how fulfilling that is. How monumental it is to push me forward and to know that what I'm doing right now in life is meant to be. So I guess, I would encourage you, they might not be as outrageously full circle as this but just to find your full circle moments, whatever they may be.

[03:06] The other one that really changed my life is, when you're first given the diagnosis that your child has Down Syndrome, you're given this brochure or this New Parent Package and it could be before the diagnosis or right as soon as you receive it. We received this package and my husband, he really loved that kind of thing, it provided medical information and factual stuff and maybe community stuff about who you can contact for local support. But for me, it was missing a real and raw look from another parent and fast forward maybe two years, I was approached by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society to see if I would like to write a letter to these parents. So now every single package that a new parent receives, who has a baby with Down Syndrome, receives a letter from a Mom. A letter from me just kind of telling them that the feelings their having, the emotions their having, the circle of grief that they're going through is all OK.

[14:07] For me, this moment in my life, I think will go down as the most powerful (getting emotional). I think will go down the most humbling. And for me, this moment, this moment brought redemption. Those first few weeks when I was so sad. Those first few weeks when I was doubting the purpose when going to have in my life. This moment brings redemption for that.

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