Amber (Mac) MacArthur

Generation Z(ed) | The Touch Generation

TBOP2017 ⋅ 2:17 ⋅ Filmed May 10, 2017

Watch out, Millennials. Generation Z is coming — and we need to prepare. In this clip, Amber Mac speaks from personal experience to explain why she believes that members of Generation Z, even more so than Millennials, will be the ones to break down barriers, disrupt the status quo, and truly change the world.


[0:23] I only got a chance to touch for a second on this next generation, which is Generation Z. As I mentioned, my son is on the young end of Generation Z, but I believe that this generation is truly going to be the one to change the world and I’m not the only one to think that.

[00:14] The truth is, they want to change the world, much more so even then Millennials. And we’re seeing with this generation, not only do they want to change the world, but this is the first generation that perhaps has the tools in place to change the world.

[00:27] This is the generation that is hard wired to understand technology. Think about them. Anyone born in, say 2009, 2010 and beyond, what’s the first thing they saw when they were born? Probably a smartphone or a tablet that was recording the birth. One of the first things they ever did was touch a tablet to experience it.

[00:47] This is a generation that walks up to a television set, and they all do this, they try to press on it and try to get it to interact like a tablet. It’s the ‘Touch Generation’. This generation is going to have the biggest impact. Not only the impact as far as changing the world, but also they’re going to impact all of us to be quicker, to be more agile, to be able to adapt, because it’s nothing for them to adapt to new ways of doing things.

[01:12] Think about the changes that they’ve seen in their lifetime. I can look at my son who’s 8, just as an example. There have been many, many changes in the technology space already.

[01:21] You want to make sure your content is accessible, you’re using new tech to communicate, and you want to prepare for Generation Z.

[01:28] We’ve talked about Millennials over the past couple years, but trust me this is the next generation that you’re going to hear about. This generation, I was just talking to a friend of mine that was mentioning that his son likes to tinker in the garage and he eventually hacked his lawnmower to be able to mow the lawn itself. He hacked his own lawnmower!

[01:47] This is the generation that’s going to go out there. If something doesn’t exist, they’re going to go out there, and they’re going to tinker with it, they’re going to hack it, they’re going to build some software, and they’re going to change the way things are done. They’re going to change things like we’re trying to do at The Breakout Project today and this weekend.

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