Amber (Mac) MacArthur

Getting Uncomfortable | Fighting “Digital Darwinism”

TBOP2017 ⋅ 2:22 ⋅ Filmed May 10, 2017

What makes an incredible company fail? In this short clip, tech entrepreneur, TV host and author Amber Mac discusses the one failing that brings down even successful, massive organizations and what business owners, entrepreneurs, executives and professionals need to do about it. Don’t believe her? Take some advice from legendary racing driver Mario Andretti.

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Digital Darwinism


I think, in contrast to 1999. I graduated from school at the University of King’s College and I moved out to San Francisco to pursue a job in the technology world, working at a company called RazorFish.

[00:11] At that time, we saw a massive brain drain from Canada, remember those days? And what we’re seeing now is the exact opposite. Perhaps, over the years we’ll have an influx of people who are coming to Canada, and to work here in these different industries.

[00:27] It’s really important today in 2017 if you run a business — I don’t care if it’s a small business, a medium business, or a large business — to fight Digital Darwinism. Many of us resist change and that’s why I want to talk to you about some of the steps to adapt to this new technology and to change the way that we all do things. Because the truth is — remember the photos that I showed you, right? — in just 8 short years, how quickly things are going to change.

[0:54] And if you don’t adapt quickly no matter what industry you’re in, what happens to those companies that don’t adapt quickly? If you think about the list of companies in your head, we’re thinking about the Kodaks, the Blockbusters, the Borders. We’ve seen those companies over and over, rise and then fall quickly. And I would argue that every single one of these companies that I have on a list wasn’t able to thrive because the truth is they weren’t able to adapt to the new way that people were using technology and to adapt to technology in their own businesses. We’re seeing it with many companies today.

[1:29] The truth is, as we look forward over the next 8 years and we think about this shift, and we think about the changes that we’re facing and how so much is going to happen and how the working world is going to change, the one quote that I want you to keep in your mind for the next 20 minutes while I talk, is this quote by Mario Andretti, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough” (repeats twice);. The truth is, we all have to get a little uncomfortable in this world because of the rate at which things are going to change within technology.

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