Tara McCallan

Give Yourself Grace to Explore

TBOP2017 ⋅ 1:33 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

This clip is for anyone who has ever felt lost in their life. Felt like they’ve “wasted their time” pursuing careers or dreams that didn’t pan out — or turned out not to be what they once appeared. Though she is now an internationally renowned blogger and Down Syndrome advocate, Tara McCallan’s journey to this point was anything but straightforward. Here she describes just how many different routes she has taken, and careers she has tried — only to discover again and again that they weren’t quite right. If you’re unsure the route you’re on will lead you where you want to go, this clip is for you.


From journalism and discovering that I was a horrible writer, I decided that Human Resources was more my style. I got into that and I went back to school. I worked for Public Health and I became a Manager of Human Resources.

[00:16] And I think that was the time in my life where I really got to realize and figure out and pin point how to be somebody else's voice. How to kind of meditate between two sides.

[00:30] I'm in this really strange and cool place right now where I'm standing, where I'm the founder of Happy Soul Project where all these elements and all these pieces of my life, from some strange reason seem to align.

[00:46] Back to the panel talk where I didn't want to say anything, what I want people to know and what I want young people to know, is to give yourself grace to explore. Give yourself time to figure who you are. Give yourself grace to go down one path and if that doesn't work, go down another. So much in life, people pigeon hole you or put you in this box if people just start giving themselves grace to figure out who they are, you'll get to that path much sooner.

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