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We all know that Millennials get called out for being shallow, aimless, and addicted to their phones. But these unfounded and unfair allegations couldn’t be further from the truth says Dominic Mishio, the Director of the Canadian sector of Global Citizen. Global Citizen’s mission is to point people (especially entrepreneurs and business leaders) in a meaningful direction to target their passions into meaningful action — and he knows that Millennials especially are inspired and empowered to work for causes they love.

Discussing the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, Dominic explains the tangible metrics the UN has established to measure progress towards these 17 goals to end extreme poverty, curb climate change and increase equality. The power to achieve many of these goals, Dominic contends, lies squarely with Millennials, who are committed to putting their ambition and innovative thinking toward the greater good.

In this uplifting keynote, Dominic explains how, working with various partners around the world, Global Citizen has joined forces with Prime Minister Trudeau, Michelle Obama and even celebrities such as Beyonce, Usher, and Rihanna to spread the word for numerous causes. One such project included hosting the Global Fund Summit to fight HIV, AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, an event held right in Montreal. Now facing new battles against Zika virus and Ebola, Dominic explains their mission to create systems to end these diseases once and for all.

If you don’t just want to work, but want to work for something bigger than yourself, then Dominic’s keynote will be the springboard you need to pursue your passions and make a difference.

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(Presentation Begins with Global Citizen Highlight Reel)

[00:12] Dignity. It's that basic idea that by virtue of our common humanity and that every person deserves to live free from want.

[00:24] This is the only festival that you can get into only be doing service, only by being a better person. So to see this crowd — thousands, ten of thousands of people — who all got here by taking action is so inspiring.

[00:36] Hold your leaders accountable to make the world a better place.

[00:41] Education is hope. Education is peace. Education is a basic human right.

[00:51] These are our girls. They deserve the same chances to get an education as my daughters and your daughters and all of our children.

[01:03] Governments have to what you tell them. Of there's enough of you. It is always impossible until it is done.

(Playing Beyoncé "Halo" in the background)

[01:32] May the force be with you.

[01:48] I look out and I see a sea of Global Citizens. Optimistic. Determined. We can change the world.

(Global Citizen Highlight Reel Ends)

[02:09] Hello. Thank you very much. It feels very much like being at New York Central Park with all of the great production that's here at The Breakout Project. You guys are doing an absolute great job and I thank you very much for having us.

Introduction to Global Citizen

[02:21] I'm Dominic Mishio. I'm the Canada Director for Global Citizen, a movement that millions of people all around the world taking action on the world's biggest challenges. It's kind of born out of a quite simple idea is that, the millennial generation — and I couldn't have had a better project or lead in organization talking about the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the design project. This framework, the 17 goals to end extreme poverty, curve climate change and increase equality — our organization really knew and understood that.

Especially, the millennial generation was interested in these topics. They really wanted to lend the hands and the previous presentation showed every single one of these 17 goals which has 169 indicators within it and 300 indices within that. So it's 17 large ambitious goals with real tangible, tactical ways to actually achieve it. We look at the millennial generation and [more often than not] people wanted to make sure they could do something for this but they felt lost. It is very daunting when you think, 'how can I be a part of any extreme poverty?'...'how can me, individually, play my own role in solving climate issues or increasing equality?'

[03:39] Global Citizen was born out of the idea of pointing people in a meaningful and tangible direction. Designing campaigns that could use your voice because another important and tangible part of this is the millennial generation wanting to do as much as they could to solve these issues. Feeling lost, the one thing that they did think that most NGOs and organizations did need or did want from young people, was dollars in donations. Often the millennial generation does not have a lot of disposable income.

[04:11] Global Citizen took this idea and said, 'how can we point people in meaningful and tangible directions where they can lend their voices that won't cost them money. We spend a good portion of our year looking at campaigns, looking at areas where voices can have an impact. Making sure that things such as signing petitions, participating in Twitter campaigns, email campaigns, phone call campaigns and now getting more and more sophisticated as we've been doing this for a few years into tangibly showing up at events, at marches and various things of that sort. So it was born out of the idea of how do we get people to [first of], understand where to point their passion and secondly, to be able to target it towards meaningful action.

Global Citizen Festival in Central Park

[05:00] Very luckily, we've been able to do a few things to help stimulate our audience and be able to engage everyone really around flagship, tent pole-style events. We've been very lucky to produce 5 festivals on the great lawns of Central Park which conveniently lands at the end of the United Nations general assembly. 60,000 people, as mentioned, show up to this show all be earning their tickets by taking action. You need a ticket to enter into the show but these tickets are earned by these exact actions that I spoke of before.

[05:38] In 2012, our very first Global Citizen festival was a very, very simple idea. Join Global Citizen, share a piece of content, sign one petition and you're basically eligible and entered into the draw to win a ticket to our first show. Now, with 5 years [under] our belt, notoriety in New York and also working with the world's greatest talent including Beyoncé, Rihanna, Pearl Jam and the list goes on. We now have the opportunity to bring people through curated action journeys which are series of actions that allow a person to start off, who may or may not be very familiar with these issues, learn about these issues, learn and the ways that their voices matter and then be encouraged to actually take those actions themselves which now generate millions of actions in the lead up to these major events.

Global Citizen Debuts in Canada

[06:32] So I want to show you a video right now about the first opportunity that we had to bring this to Canada in 2016.

(Plays Global Citizen Canada Debut Video)

[06:45] It may seem this world is a handful of crack promises. That these floods and fires overflowing with landfills is just our mother's nature. And yet we sit, stare, wait for the problem to solve itself. For someone with less sins and more time to do it.

[07:05] It may seem that some of us would rather catch Pokemon then catch our breath to catch up with the fact that this nation, this world, is screaming for salvation. And yet we sit, stare, wait.

[07:21] But your voice is just enough moon to change the tide. Our nation, a tapestry or moving fables was never meant to be cement growing into stillness. We can show the world that the second biggest country comes first for the largest heart.

[07:38] A place known for it's cold can also be known for it's warm hands, arms spread as wide as water will to hold all the pain this side of the Pacific. We know, our blood is not our own, it is borrowed from the histories of each other. Our blood does not know borders.

[07:57] You have a choice. To be propane tank potential. The curator of this gallery. The creator of this majesty. Heros are incubated daily. So when justice is looking for a date to the prom, it can count on you being on time, looking sharp, ready to dance.

[08:16] When the UFOs come find our bodies petrified and preserved, they will say of this world that sometimes it was tragic but mostly, it was beautiful. Look how hard they worked to make it so.

[08:30] This might be the greatest human achievement. To unlearn all that we have unlearned. To still dance when the music is off. When it seems the world's problems are massive mountain ranges you think we can never climb. That this necessary awakening is too mammoth a task for one person.

[08:51] Never forget, we're going to spend the rest of your lives together. Every Global Citizen. And you are a glorious canyon of hope. A province of powderkeg potential. The brightest light. A beckoning blaze. Helping us find the way home.

(Global Citizen Canada Debut Video Ends)

Leading the Global Citizen Movement in Canada

[09:20] So you might have noticed a couple of great images from across the country, in Canada and very specifically, from the city of Montreal. This trailer was one of our first commercials for the event that we did in Montreal for the Global Fund Summit to fight HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria. We're very lucky to be leading the Global Citizen initiative in Canada.

[09:43] One of the things I often feel very proud about is when we get together with colleagues from all around the world and we discuss why is the moment so successful in Canada. As a bunch of people right here from Kingston and on TV, maybe from across Canada or maybe from across the world, you may identify with the reason why Canadians under this concept of Global Citizen so much.

[10:06] Our identity, our cultural mosaic lends itself to the concept of being a Global Citizen. Canadians are confident and proud to say, 'I'm something-Canadian' whether that's French-Canadian, Irish-Canadian, Syrian-Canadian. This is a part of us. Being a Canadian Global Citizen is something that is really understable and tangible to Canadians from coast to coast. It has allowed us to build this movement in a very quick way here in Canada.

Global Fund Summit

[10:35] It also is a big part about why Canada's been a leader in some of these issues. Canada has been for a long time, not just the current government but previous ones as well, has really been doing as much as it possibly could towards fighting or to have kids survive to the age of five. Making sure to reduce child mortality. And this continued on this past year when the Trudeau government decided to take on the Global Fund Replenishment Summit which one of the largest leading multilateral organizations deploying funds all around the world to fight HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria.

[11:16] Global Citizen was really proud to put on the activation portion of that. We worked alongside many different NGO partners to bring the awareness of this very important moment to Canada. Very specifically, we had the opportunity to make a special show for the people in Montreal.

[11:36] Same thing in Global Citizen style, the way that people earn their tickets was by taking actions. Things like understanding what HIV, AIDS, TB and malaria are and how the global fund is positioned to fight those. So Action number 1 was watching a short video clip about these things and answering a 3-part quiz. Action 2 was calling into the Prime Minister's office and letting them know why you believe that Canadian leadership, internationally in fighting these types of diseases, is important to you. Action number 3, to sign on towards ending the two disease in human history, Polio, which I'll speak to a little bit later on. Action number 4, encouraging 62 million girls who currently don't have access to school to get access to school.

[12:26] And as you might have seen in the first video, First Lady Michelle Obama, opened up with campaign on our Global Citizen stage in 2015. Introducing the campaign to get 62 million children in school and are 80% less likely to contract HIV, AIDS, TB or malaria if [they've] been able to go to school at least to the point of grade 6. And finally to encourage other world leaders to sign on to the Global Fund and contribute funds themselves.

[12:57] At the end of the event, and in the lead into the festival in New York which took place only a week after the show in Montreal, we had the Prime Minister and Usher who was leading our show in Montreal do a special video.

(Plays Global Citizen Global Fund Summit Video)

[13:15] Usher: Bonjour Global Citizens around the world. I'm here in Canada with Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and he's been seeing all of the tweets, emails and call that you guys have been making [to] him and other world leaders over the past few months.

[13:29] PM Justin Trudeau: Hello Global Citizens. Bonjour à tous! Because of you, governments and businesses around the world have pledged almost $13 billion to the global fund. This money is key to the fight against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. Canada is proud to have pledged over $800 million over the next three years but that's only the start.

[13:48] To end these epidemics and to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we must do more. More action. More leadership. More smart investments. More innovative thinking. And more commitment.

[14:00] And let's not forgot poverty is sexist. We know these epidemics disproportionately affect women and girls. It's up to all of us to address the gender inequality that fuels them. So lately, my office has been floods with phone calls and tweets from many of you. Thanks, Rhianna (smirking).

[14:18] I've heard your voices loud and clear on a whole range of issues from supporting the eradication of Polio to ensuring every girl, everywhere has the chance to go to school. Canada has long supported efforts to fight Polio which is now 99.9% eliminated. And we will be a strong partner through to the end.

[14:37] So, thank you for keeping these issues on our global agenda. Keep calling, keep tweeting, keep lighting up our switchboards. We're listening and we're taking action. You've shown to the world that changes starts with you. And together, we will end it for good.

(Global Citizen Global Fund Summit Video Ends)

The Fight Against Polio

[14:54] The Prime minister mentioned a really important campaign which is a campaign to end Polio. Now, Polio which is 99.9% eradicated and we still continue this fight.

[15:07] In 2016, there's only 36 cases of polio all around the world. You may say, 'well, why are you spending all this effort in fighting a disease that only has 36 cases?' Well, polio give us the framework for beyond for being an opportunity to eradicate only the second disease in human history, it gives us a framework of how to fight health crisis all around the world.

[15:32] The reason why Ebola was contained to West Africa is because of the health systems that were set up during the polio eradication initiative. The reason why Zika was also held and understood was a system of community health workers who understand where diseases are popping up in particular hot spots in hot zones. Beyond for ending the second disease in human history, it also is a very important story around how we can create these systems that will further advance these initiatives.

[16:02] So we have one quick other video on specifically this disease that I'd like to run.

(Plays Polio Awareness Global Citizen Video)

[16:08] Imagine if a disease kept you from visiting a local swimming pool or go to school or see your friends? Polio did just that.

[16:18] Polio is a crippling and even deadly infectious disease. The virus spreads from person to person and can invade and infected person's brain and spinal cord causing paralysis. Polio was a threat all over the world including Canada.

[16:32] In 1988, the Canadian government joined with key partners like Rotary International and UNICEF to work to end this disease forever. Cases of Polio have drop from 329,000 in 1988 to just 37 in 2016.

[16:48] It's not just eradicating the second disease in history, efforts to eradicate Polio have contributed to better health systems and improved responses to global crisis like Ebola and Zika.

[17:00] Polio has been eradicated from all but three countries around the world. The world is 99.9 percent of the way to eradicating Polio forever but we can't stop now. Continued funding from Canada is essential to ensuring that no child will have to ensure a life with paralysis from Polio.

[17:19] Global Citizens are calling on Canada to pledge $150 million to help end Polio once and for all. Eradicating Polio would be the first milestone in achieving the global goals and a clear indication that the world can tackle even the biggest issues. We're so close help us get to 100%. Take action now.

(Polio Awareness Global Citizen Video Ends)

[17:40] So Canadians from coast to coast have been participating in a petition campaign as well as people from all around the world encouraging canada to make this final commitment to the last Replenish Summit of the Global Polio Eradication Initiative.

[17:54] So, Global Citizen is born out of this idea that actions can be simple to affect monumental causes. Your voice is just as important as your dollars. we want to encourage and increase the ability for people to take action and use their voice.

[18:11] Thank you very much for your time. And have a great afternoon.

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