Albert Nerenberg

Hypnotic Bar | Getting Drunk Without Drinking

TBOP2017 ⋅ 3:38 ⋅ Filmed May 10, 2017

What if you could feel intoxicated without taking a sip of alcohol or taking an illicit substances? What if you could experience it — but then be sober — sober enough to drive home? What if there was no hangover in the morning? What could it mean for alcoholics and addicts if they could feel intoxicated — without the risk of bodily harm that comes with abusing these harmful substances? In this segment, Albert Nerenberg showcases his documentary Hypnotic Bar — his unconventional examination of what compels humans to get intoxicated — and what can be a powerful stand-in for the “real deal”.

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Here's the weirdest idea that I've worked on, as I mentioned, I work as a hypnotist, which I find a very interesting and very obvious business, even though it doesn't seem that way.

[00:14] One thing that's very interesting about hypnosis is that there's an old trick that hypnotists do, in a hypnosis setting, where they will actually hypnotise somebody to appear drunk. This is a well known, but slightly difficult parlour trick. I started to think about that, it's kind of interesting, and I happened to have worked in a while, I did workshops in a rehab, where a number of people actually died of overdoses. I was really struck, and as you know, a lot of people are dying more than ever, in fact, of drug overdoses these days. That gave me an idea, a ‘Captain Obvious’ idea.

[00:57]I started thinking, maybe there's a way to actually influence people to be less obsessed with ingesting toxic amounts of substances. Myself and a few friends came up with the concept called the 'Hypnotic Bar', it was a documentary that explains a little bit. I'll show you a clip from it.

[01:17]Clip from Documentary on Hypnotic Bar

[01:39] "I started thinking about an old hypnotist trick. The hypnotists have an old parlour trick where people can actually get people drunk under hypnosis. I thought, that's interesting, if people can actually get drunk under hypnosis that maybe you could take it a little further, that you could achieve altered states without drugs, alcohol, or even side effects."

[02:32] No hangover, no side effects. I know a lot of you are drinking beer right now, you're probably worried about it, this way with the ‘Hypnotic Bar’ there are absolutely no side effects, you don't have to be running to the washroom all the time. I just performed the ‘Hypnotic Bar’ in New York City, to a standing room only crowd at the Alchemist's Kitchen, which is a popular place in downtown Manhattan. I'm probably going back there in the fall. When I explain this to people, people are like 'yeah it's a funny joke, it's a comedy show’, it's not a comedy show, it's actually real, people are drunk and they are put on all kinds of drugs, and then they are woken up and they can drive home. It's a very weird thing. I don't recommend that they drive home, but they can. That's a ‘Hypnotic Bar’.

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