Bryan Paterson

Investing in Technology Infrastructure

TBOP2017 ⋅ 1:44 ⋅ Filmed May 11, 2017

Citizens should know that if they want to see change happen in their own cities, they need to elect governments who are ready to roll up their sleeves and invest where it counts. In this clip, Kingston Mayor Bryan Paterson explains the strategic thinking he and many contributors went through to determine what infrastructure would be the soundest investment to propel Kingston towards its vision of becoming a technology and innovation hub.

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Here's the next thing that I believe that any city needs to need if it wants to embrace the power of innovation.

[00:07] The city itself needs to set the example in embracing innovation. So how does a city do that? When I talk about a city, I'm talking about the municipal services, the city departments that run all of those things that make a city function.

[00:26] The first thing, you can see just over on the left, is you need to be able to invest in infrastructure. Now the funny thing is that if you talk to any mayor or talk to anybody that's involved in city government, they'll say that infrastructure is the bread and butter of any city. Traditionally that meant, roads and bridges and street lights and sewer pipes. If you want to invest in infrastructure for 21st century city, you also need to think about technology infrastructure.

[00:58] A number of years ago we invested in fiber because we knew that in order for institutions and our businesses to be able to compete, if we wanted to create an environment where technology startups could come to Kingston and develop their businesses and thrive, we needed to have that technology backbone that was available. So as a city through our municipal utility, we chose to invest in fiber.

[01:22] Now, we have other private companies that are coming in and they can provide it too but the nice thing is we've got competition. We've also have redundancy which anybody that runs a technology company knows how important it is to able to have more than one source to be able to have that technology backbone.

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