Tara McCallan

Know Your Dent in the Universe

TBOP2017 ⋅ 2:35 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

You’re just one person, here on this Earth for a tiny fraction of time. But if you try, you can shake the Universe. As a closing thought, Tara McCallan relates to the audience just a few people she has encountered who had a profound impact on her life, and encourages others to be aware of the impacts they might have on others. Don’t overlook the effect your words and actions can have on someone else, and the reverberations that can spread from them, like a drop of water creating ripples. You can make a difference. So shake the Universe as best you can.


And the last thing I want to leave with you is to know your dent on the universe.

[00:03] What I mean by that is that each of us is here for just such a short time. Each of us is here for this tiny little moment in history. I think a lot of us don't realize the impact that we have. And you saw in the video, a story about two strangers. And I just want to leave you with that.

[00:23] The first strange was a doctor. My little girl was 3 days old and Pip was in my arms and the doctor had the audacity to say to me that if I chose to have another baby, he could prevent this from happening. That doctor has no idea what seed he planted in me. He has no idea the fight that he created. I wouldn't be able to pick out that doctor, just like I wouldn't be able to the little lady who really changed the course of my life.

[00:56] My little girl, when she was 5 weeks old, she had her first surgery. We were at the Kingston General Hospital and I left, she was in recovery a few days later, I left and went down to the hospital gift shop. It was the first time I actually said the words out loud to a stranger that my little girl had Down Syndrome. I had written it on the blog and I had set it to friends but had never actually said it to a stranger. And I remember saying it to her and she keep of put down what I was buying and she came around the counter. She grab my shoulder so tightly and she told me that I was so so lucky. She later went on to explain that her brother had Down Syndrome and he was absolutely the best thing that's ever happened in her entire life. And that little old lady, I don't know who she is, I go to that hospital all the time and I always peak my head in and I wouldn't be able to even pick out who she was, but she changed my life.

[02:05] And I know feel like I'm her and I'm kind of shaking the world's shoulders and my hope is that I'm shaking enough to dent the universe. Thanks.

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