Kaj Arnö

New Hassles of Today’s IT

TBOP2017 ⋅ 3:37 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

For all its progress and many advantages, technology can sometimes be a royal pain the bum. In this laughter-inducing clip, Kaj Arnö walks us through the ways in which technology continues to fail us — the frustrations and struggles of doing upgrades, remembering passwords, and trying — sometimes in vain — to protect our passwords.

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I think, then on top of this, all this new technology has created a new hassle for us. We have batteries that we have to charge, so many things.


[00:11] We have licenses, not all licenses are GPL. Not all licenses are open source, which are friendly licenses which give lots of values for the end user and give them the freedom hand over the software to others. The freedom to use it. The freedom to extend it, which is the core of open source. There are licenses that limit your use. And there are a number licenses that you have to agree to and read before you start using an application. Well, nobody reads them. Very few read them. That of course, again, gives power to somebody else [other] than the user.


[00:52] There are passwords for your own protection. This is just in your own interest, you need these passwords. Yes, right. Passwords are a big, big issue when is comes to usability and they are asked at the wrong moment in the wrong way.


[01:10] Upgrades. Yes, do you want to upgrade now or later? Sell, guess what I would not want to upgrade at all, I would want it to work from the beginning. That's what upgrades should be like and they should be as invisible as possible and not happen when I'm in a tight bandwidth or tight schedule. We have come to a point where it's easier to use pen and page because it doesn't require us to reboot things. When I bring my pen and paper, it doesn't ask me whether I also want to...and then something else.


[01:44] Data loss. Yup, the more reliant we are on technology, the easier it is to loose data.


[01:51] And last, and a really big one, privacy. So to get into this country and I had fill in quite a lot of information. I don't mind the likes of Justin Trudeau knowing those things but you never know when you get your own variety of a person managing this country that you wouldn't want this information in that person's hands. When it comes to privacy, people appeal to us and say, 'but you don't have anything to hide. You're not doing anything illegal, you're not doing anything improper. Of course you that's not an issue, we're being implied to think, but I'm not so sure. What about your future plans? Do you want them to be open to everybody? If you change a career do you want your current employer to know about your change of plans. Or if you move to a different place or there are changes in your relationship? Those are things I'd call 'private trade secrets'.

[03:00] Ongoing transactions? No, I have things to hide there and I'm not thinking anything of unethical, I'm just thinking that shouldn't reach everybody's ears immediately. The more we give information to technology, the easier we will be getting caught by these things.

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