Charlie Garcia

Purpose & Coincidence

TBOP2017 ⋅ 2:57 ⋅ Filmed May 11, 2017

Find out why Charlie Garcia, CEO of ALPFA and colleague of great minds like Richard Branson, says that coincidence doesn’t exist — and what that means for you on your mission to find your purpose in life. If nothing is coincidence, then everything is conspiring to come together into one, highly targeted purpose. At the intersection of your skills, passions, and unique perspective is your vocation: your purpose. How can you “get in the zone” and find where all these different facets align? Watch this video to find out.


I'm living my purpose today in a non-profit called, ALPFA, the Association of Latino Professionals For America. And what we do — we're in 160 universities and growing and 44 professional chapters — is our purpose is to connect Latino leaders for impact.

[00:22] This heart here, shows the process of how we take these interconnected circles of what you're good at, what your passion is, what you can bring to the world that provides value in your vocation. We look at the centre of it and if you can step into that purpose, you get such energy. And you're in a zone like some of the great hockey player you have here in Canada who said you have to be thinking not where the puck is but where it's going.

[01:00] I don't believe in coincidences, as all those coincidences that happened when I went to Panama. I believe a coincidence is God's way of staying anonymous in our life. And when you put your vibrations into the world from your brain which is a like a radio station that transmits and receives, all these little coincidences are going to happen. One of them happened to me today that I'll talk about.

[01:29] I've had an opportunity to work with Richard Branson. This is a picture of us in South Africa, where at the end of this year, we're going to launching a Purpose Constellation to provide the tools to entrepreneurs, to individuals and to large corporations, to step into their higher purpose. The gentlemen [and women] that are behind The Breakout Project have coincidentally designed a technology platform in the cloud with a Toronto-based company that I've been searching for a year! So, we will be collaborating them as well.


[02:11] You're already having a huge impact and you didn't even know it.

[02:15] We're trying to spark minds. We're trying to innovate. We're really trying to get everyone to find what is your purpose and step into it. if you get an email from me, you'll often see this at the bottom of the email, ‘Changing the world begins with a small group of people who simply refuse to accept the unacceptable’.

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