Amber (Mac) MacArthur

Rethinking Communication | Accessibility & Bots

TBOP2017 ⋅ 2:31 ⋅ Filmed May 10, 2017

We’re all in the business of communication. In some form or another, your ability to succeed in your job comes down to your ability to communicate. With the rapid pace of change of technology and emerging trends, communication, too is changing. Amber Mac reveals how Facebook is already mainstreaming a category of Artificial Intelligence, and has a few suggestions for content creators, customer service representatives, and anyone who’s in the business of communication. Yes, that means you.

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I don’t care what you do as far as all the people that are here today. The truth is you’re communicating for your job in one way or another, whether it’s being on LinkedIn, or you’re communicating for your business on social media, you are probably in some way in the business of communication.

[0:15] What you need to know about that, as far as rethinking the way you currently do things. We’ve talked a little bit about culture, as far as your mission. We’ve talked about community, but what about conversation? How can you change the conversation? And we’re seeing that already in the digital space as far as conversation, things like having accessible content, having lower thirds on content when you’re creating videos and putting them out there in the space so people can actually read the video content just by the subtitles below. Really easy to do that.

[0:45] In fact, there’s a service out there called Rev that will do this for you very inexpensively, under 10 dollars for a short little video. They’ll add the captions to the video. And this all becomes part of this trend that we’re seeing towards accessible content, knowing that people are watching more and more content on their mobile devices.

[1:02] The second thing I want to talk about is the Rise of Bots, and we’re seeing this everywhere. If you’ve ever gone onto Facebook and used Messenger, this might blow your mind, but Messenger just started allowing people to add bots to Messenger. This essentially means that using some type of machine learning, which is basically a category of Artificial Intelligence, a bot is like a robot online, so it’s software that guesses and communicates with you and answers questions, based on data that it’s putting together, to answer you. This is one example of a company called Snap Travel, which is based in Toronto. If you want to book a hotel you can talk to Snap Travel through Messenger, it will help you book a hotel and it will even book the hotel for you.

[1:44] There are a couple things that you should keep in mind with the rise of bots. One is the elimination of jobs, because all of a sudden if a bot can do your job, you’re in trouble if you work in customer service, because the way that things are going is towards bots. And again, you may think ‘well, there are just a few bots out there’, but the truth is today, on Facebook within Messenger, there are 100,000 bots. This is a technology that just went mainstream a few months ago and already 100,000 bots.

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