Amber (Mac) MacArthur

Rethinking Platforms | Staying Nimble

TBOP2017 ⋅ 3:14 ⋅ Filmed May 10, 2017

Social Media and Technology trends rise at explosive rates — from Snapchat to Instagram Stories to Facebook Live, how is anybody supposed to keep up? Where should companies devote their time and resources? In this clip, Amber Mac dives into the untapped opportunities small business leave on the table when they fail to leverage platforms such as social media, the Internet of Things, and Virtual Reality.


We’re seeing trends out there like the rise of ephemeral messaging, but again, talking about adaptation, we need to be nimble. We need to be quick on our feet and we need to be able to change really instantly.

[0:11] The truth is, 6 months ago if I came to talk to you I would tell you that every single company needs to be on Snapchat, you have to be on Snapchat, but the truth is today, Snapchat is important, but you need to be on Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories has many of the same features, and in fact, they have just surpassed Snapchat as far as the number of users. That’s one example of a new trend, and if you’re able to adapt and be nimble, you’ll be able to leverage those trends as well.

[0:39] We also see out there the rise of livestreaming. When we look at something like Facebook, and if you use Facebook for any type of marketing, the reality is that livestreaming allows you to get better engagement than any other type of video you would put onto Facebook. In fact, it’s about 3 times the engagement that you would get compared to just a traditional video that you would upload there. And more and more we are seeing those platforms that exist.

[1:02] I’ll tell you one thing about someone who works with small businesses, it’s that small businesses aren’t the best at being able to adapt and use these new tools. It’s frustrates me a little bit, because I have worked in television on and off over the past decade and if I had told you that 10 years ago that all of a sudden there was a tool that was completely free that would allow you to broadcast video content to the world, we all would have rejoiced. This would have been absolutely incredible. Today we have these tools out there and we’re not maximizing them as far as being able to leverage them and being able to reach new audiences.

[1:37] Another thing I wanted to talk about as far as new platforms, is the rise of the Internet of Things. You see many products out there that are connected to the internet like smart thermostats, for example. This is probably one of the most popular items out there when it comes to the Internet of Things. There’s a Canadian company called EcoBee that also has a similar thermostat and we’re seeing these changes again, these hubs that are springing up all across the country that are really focusing on these things. The Smart Home Revolution is here today. Again, think back to that photo that I showed you where it was pre-smartphone and post smartphone and in 8 years we saw those changes. We’re going to see the same thing when it comes to Smart Homes as well.

[2:20] As far as another platform, and one of the lasts I want to talk about in this section, it’s the rise of Virtual Reality. This is another big trend and I will stand here and talk to you today, I’ve done shows on Bloomberg, I’ve been on CNN, I’ve done lots of Media, and this is Canada’s time. This is Canada’s time to thrive. Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Virtual Realities, we have hubs all across this country.

[2:45] Let’s just recap here as far as the key takeaway from Rethinking Platforms. You want to encourage people to use new platforms to engage in new ways, because as much as we think that this technology is far off it is right around the corner, if not here today.

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