Derek Sidebottom

Style Matters When Hiring Your Squad

TBOP2017 ⋅ 3:53 ⋅ Filmed May 11, 2017

Building on ideas from Liz Wiseman’s book Multipliers, HR expert Derek Sidebottom discusses the types of people you’re likely to encounter in your workplace — and whom you want to hire and whom you don’t. More than that, he encourages everyone to embrace a particular personality style and to surround yourself with similar people. When you build a squad who is motivated, passionate, problem-solving oriented and empowered, your business will gain momentum and be able to scale.


There's this wonderful book, it's the third resource I would like to give to you, pay attention to this. Multipliers, has anyone read this by Liz Wiseman? Concept is very straightforward.

[00:12] Multipliers people who motivate you, empower you and are problem solvers. Diminishers are idea killers, energy zappers and depleters. Who knows the multiplier that you work with? Everybody knows someone. Who knows a depleter? Yeah. There are six profiles, again, I've got 40 minutes to talk to you about it, so I'm just going to give you the overview. It's the book you really should spend some time looking at.

[00:40] On the good side, Multipliers get two times the capability on the people they work with. Talent Magnets makes your recruiting easier. The Liberators who create intensity that require your best thinking. Coaches who extend challenges. Debate Makers who debate before deciding. Investors instill ownership and accountability. Anyone who's had a good mentor over the years, and there was some discussion over mentors, probably was from the Multipliers side. They just couldn't help themselves. They enjoy that mentorship role and by each one of you to think about, maybe you want to do the same.

[01:15] On the diminishing side, and after you see this each of you is going to think about somebody; do not call out any names. I don't want to know. There are Empire Builders who hoard and under use talent. Tyrants who create anxiety. Know-it-Alls who tell people what to do. Decision Makers who make isolated decisions. And the Micro Manager, my favourite, who loves a Micro Manager? Who take over control. They get less than half of people's capability just by their style. So my question to this group is, from the Diminishers who raised their hand a moment ago saying, "yeah, I know a Diminisher", now think of prior places that you worked at, are you still friends with those Diminishers? You're now in charge of hiring teams - — you're in charge of building product, you're definitely in charge of building capital — but you're in charge of building teams. Why would you stack the deck with anyone who looks like a Diminisher? And so style matters.

[02:28] I invite each of you to choose to be a Multiplier.

[02:33] Fill your organization with as many Multipliers as you can find. Well beyond their core skills. How they work?

[02:43] I want you to fill your hiring panels [with as] many Multipliers as you can because if you've ever gone into an interview and you sat down and you looked across at some disengaged person who is a Diminisher, your like ‘I don't want to work here. I don't want to be here at all’. You can see those people a mile away. The sad part too is, you have to manage the Diminishers out of the organization. They drive away the Multipliers. Simple concept. The book is amazing. It's a light read, it takes just a little while.

[03:11] Again, as you're building your squad, future-proofing it and thinking about who do I want on this boat with me - Multipliers hands down, 10 times out of 10. How do you find them? It's interesting. If we go back a slide, Talent Magnets who attract and optimize talent. When I'm hiring executives into an organizations there are some executives who just bring their entire names with them. It's fantastic, find those people. You'll hire 10 more.

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