Derek Ball

The Birth of atVenu

TBOP2017 ⋅ 1:47 ⋅ Filmed May 12, 2017

When he sees a problem, Derek Ball doesn’t back down. In this short Q&A, you can watch the founder of a wildly successful concert merchandise business explain how he saw an opportunity — and seized it. Sometimes, a hugely profitable company can be born from the simple observation: this could be done so much better. As you’ll see, following through on that gut instinct can have incredible payoff.

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DB: atVenu came about when one of my co-founders who is a long time music industry guy said, 'You know what? Artists are having trouble making ends meet these days. They don't make money off their albums anymore. It's really all about selling tickets and selling merchandise. There's 400 companies trying to help them sell tickets and their merchandise business is a disaster so we jumped on started talking about that.

[00:26] DB: So, getting back to your question, what do I do everyday? That's how I start my day is always thinking about why do we do this? What are we up to? You mentioned earlier today about having your mission up on the wall. That's a great place to start every day, is why are you getting out of bed? And what are you going to do when you walk in those doors? But I look at my role as being an enabler.

[00:46] DB: I've got a tremendous team and the team starts off very small and gets bigger over time. My job is to remove obstacles and barriers so my team can be successful at what they want to do and why they get out of bed everyday. I think that when you are a founder a company, that changes depending on what the needs are of any given day.

[01:06] DB: So some days I'll be out there trying to figure out, how do I raise capital. Other days, I'll be in there trying to figure out how do I get that important customer to commit to working with us? Other days it might be, we've just run into a great individual that we really want to hire, how do we get her on board? So looking at these types of, so each day is different and may be a multitude of the these things but it's all about solving problems.

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