Amber (Mac) MacArthur

The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality

TBOP2017 ⋅ 1:52 ⋅ Filmed May 10, 2017

Don’t make the mistake of thinking at Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are far-off concepts that won’t affect your life any time soon. We’re not just talking about robots and video games! Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality are here and they’re on the verge of disrupting some unexpected industries. Watch Amber Mac connect the dots between these exploding new digital spaces and the matters of life and death.


When you hear Virtual Reality, you think to yourself “Oh well, why would I care about this, how can it change my world?” I want to talk quickly about two things.

[0:08] One, to go back to the example of Artificial Intelligence. If you think talking about Artificial Intelligence sounds boring, let me put it in context here. Researchers have just found out that using Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare industry, allows them to detect if someone has breast cancer 30 times faster than a Doctor can detect it.

[0:32] I have just had a good friend, 42 years old who passed away a few weeks ago in Toronto from breast cancer, and to know that Artificial Intelligence could have changed her life with early detection, we see that everywhere. Not only can it detect breast cancer 30 times faster, but it can do it with 99% accuracy. This the promise of this technology.

[0:54] Virtual Reality can also change our world in incredible ways. Let’s think, for example, of doing something like I’m doing right now, public speaking. It’s the number one fear for most people across the world, but the truth is, imagine if virtual reality could change your experience with public speaking and it could make it easier, because we’re seeing virtual reality today being used for training and to help people getting through these things, whether it’s training to fly a plane, or training to go out there and public speak.

[1:21] As much as you’re inundated with the headlines about technology being able to help people create random little widgets and useless things, the truth is there’s more potential to technology than just that, and we’re seeing it finally coming to fruition.

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