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Speakers and Hosts

Jean-Sebastien Cournoyer

Jeff Johnson

Elliott Simcoe

Tara McCallan

Ben Narasin

Derek Ball

Charles P. Garcia

Derek Sidebottom

Kaj Arnö


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The Breakout Project Teams

Announcing Our First Team: The 1 Million Teachers Project

Announcing Our First Team: The 1 Million Teachers Project

Hakeem Subair - Team Lead

1 Million Teachers Trained in 365 days.

When you meet Hakeem, the first thing you notice is his smile and seconds later, how kind and open he is. Even before Hakeem first arrived in Windsor, Canada in 2012 he has not stopped trying to change the world.

While in Nigeria, he and his wife quickly identified a big problem when trying to send their children to school, there wasn’t one.

Through Hakeem’s search to properly educate his children, he discovered that there was not only an incredible lack of access to schools, but even the few schools that did exist did not provide the proper education for their own teachers. Without the right tools for teachers, the students would never stand a chance at achieving high-level performance.

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