The 1 Million Teachers Project

Hakeem Subair – Team Lead

The 1 Million Teachers Project with Hakeem Subair

When you meet Hakeem, the first thing you notice is his smile and seconds later, how kind and open he is. Even before Hakeem first arrived in Windsor, Canada in 2012 he has not stopped trying to change the world.

While in Nigeria, he and his wife quickly identified a big problem when trying to send their children to school, there wasn’t one.

Through Hakeem’s search to properly educate his children, he discovered that there was not only an incredible lack of access to schools, but even the few schools that did exist did not provide the proper education for their own teachers. Without the right tools for teachers, the students would never stand a chance at achieving high-level performance.

How can The Breakout Project help?
Hakeem believes that The Breakout Project shares his vision to create lasting impact. There are two constraints on making this dream come true, which are funding and finding the perfect way to outsource all of the content and be able to roll out by September 15th, 2017. This is where he needs the Breakout Project to help recruit the talent and secure the funds to make it happen.

Hakeem Subair’s career spans investment, retail and commercial banking, microfinance, business development, strategy, and teaching. He has designed and developed several training and educational programs.

He finished his Bcomm from the University of Windsor in 2016 and is currently at Queen’s University working on his Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation while simultaneously working on finishing his Certification in Social Impact, Centre for Social Impact.