Jean-Sebastien Cournoyer

Co-founder and Partner at Real Ventures

JS has been an entrepreneur or investor in startups since 1999. When he is not taking care of his five children, he chooses to dedicate his life helping passionate, mission driven and tenacious Canadian entrepreneurs realize their vision and succeed in life and in business. JS likes to invest in entrepreneurs building world changing companies using technology and new business models to disrupt transform the pillars of our society (health, education, food, energy, government, finance, work, transportation) and power the digital revolution, with an emphasis on AI and blockchain.

JS is co-founder of Real Ventures, the leading early stage venture capital firm in Canada behind accelerator program Founderfuel and not-for-profit startup hub Notman House. He is also co-founder of Element AI, the world leading applied AI research company helping corporations, governments and startups make money with AI from fundamental research, to applied research, to application/solution development to implementation and/or joint ventures. JS is also a key contributor to many initiatives to turn Canada into the leading ecosystem for AI innovation and value creation.